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The plaintiff in this lawsuit is Jody Williams, founder of Sex Workers Anonymous, formerly known as Prostitutes Anonymous.  You can read news clips about her background with SWA at  If you try and Google her, you won't find a lick about her anymore which is part of the reason behind why Google has been named as a defendant in the suit.



Jody's daughter filed a lawsuit in the same court, on the same date, prepared the same way, and mailed to the federal court on the same date and time exactly.  Reyes vs. Flagg was filed by the court by October 13, 2018, even after the court claimed a form wasn't filled out properly.  So what's the holdup on this case?  She's not an inmate, but even if she was, that allows the court to just sit on a case where damages are accruing, and live's are involved, for months?



This lawsuit was filed on 9.7.18.  On 9.13.18, the San Mateo Court executed a bench warrant for the arrest of "Jody Loren Williams" for supposedly "practicing law without a license".  Jody was never served with a copy of the indictment to have any arraignment held, nor any warrant for failure to appear issued.  The email account she uses for SWA billing purposes however was seized by this court in a sealed search warrant that was not limited to the issues of the charge, but to all of her personal emails.  Among these emails was one to her landlord, an email seized under a sealed search warrant to make sure she didn't know about it.  Suddenly, the building she lived in was sold, with new security brought in.  Two weeks after escrow closed, 4 Metro officers were at Jody's door without a warrant announcing they were "not going to leave until she came out".  They proceeded to try and take the door off the hinges, or break it down, for 90 minutes - only leaving when a reporter, Michael Stogner, called Metro asking the purpose of this visit.  They then claimed they "had already left" and the attack ceased.  Anything obtained without a search warrant is not admissible as evidence in court.  Therefore, the purpose of this visit?  Jody wasn't sticking around to find out and she has since relocated.  The above photo is part of the damage done to a solid steel door during this attack.   Because of these attacks, and what is clearly a witch hunt against me in the courts, I have taken down my social media and relocated to a safer location.

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